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  • Program

    Monday 26th of April

    Inauguration: 4pm (CEST) 

    • 4:00pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab Welcome Speech by Emilie Allaert, Project Lead, Luxembourg Blockchain Lab and Tom Kettels, Co-Project Lead, Luxembourg Blockchain Lab

    • 4:15pm Ministerial Keynote by the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel

    • 4:20pm Boston Blockchain Association Keynote by Silvio Micali (Algorand)

    • 4:40pm Keynote by Arthur Breitman, Early Architect (Tezos)

    • 4:55pm Debate "Is Blockchain the way to go?", discussion led by Nicolas Mackel, Luxembourg for Finance, between Michael Jackson, Strategic Advisor and Lucas Fernandez, Head of Innovation, CHAMP Cargosystems













    Side Event - 6.30pm : Lëtzblock - Let's discuss the value of Bitcoin and NFTs

    Tuesday 27th of April

    Stream Supply Chain & Logistics: 2pm (CEST) 

    • 2:00pm Keynote Blockchains in supply chains: from idea to reality by Benny Mantin, Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL) - Uni.lu

    • 2:10pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab project: Filedgr

    • 2:20pm Interactive session Increasing trust in supply chains with Blockchain Moderated by Carolina Moulin; Panelists: Ziga Drev (OriginTrail), Drew Persson (BeefChain), Douglas Johnson‑Poensgen (Circulor)

    • 2:50pm Fireside chat What does it take for Blockchain to go large-scale in logistics? Moderated by Carla Rosen-Vacher (LCL); Panelists: Dr Inma Borrella (MIT), Mark Henkel (ZUFALL logistics group)

    Stream Health: 5pm (CEST) 

    • 5:00pm Keynote by Frank Ricotta, Burst IQ

    • 5:10pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab project: Medlogistics

    • 5:20pm Learning session How compatible are blockchain and health records? Moderated by Carole Brückler (Ministry of Economy Luxembourg) Panelists: Abdullah Albeyatti, (MedicalChain and MyClinic), Michèle Finck (Max Planck Institute and LUISS University), Quy Vo-Reinhard (HIT Foundation)

    • 5:50pm Pitch MedicalChain

    • 5:55pm Fireside Chat Could Blockchain be part of the solution for the return to normal in the time of COVID19? Moderated by Anca Petre (23 Consulting); Panelists: Alex Cahana (Adalabs), Frank Ricotta (BurstIQ)


    Side Event - 9:30am (FR)/ 10:30am (UK): The Blockchain Academy® - BLOCKCHAIN INTRO IN 1 SLIDE

    Wednesday 28th of April

    Stream Technology: 2pm (CEST) 

    • 2:00pm Keynote Separating Value from Hype by Alexander Rieger (SnT - Uni.lu)

    • 2:10pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab project: Compellio

    • 2:20pm ​Pitch Algorand

    • 2:25pm Interactive session Technology vs Regulation; Panelists: Jean-Louis Schiltz (Schiltz&Schiltz), Radu State (SnT-Uni.lu), Alexander Tkachenko (VNX)

    • 2:55pm Large scale Blockchain projects and how they differ from PoCs by IBM. Panelists: Eugen Luft (IBM), Frank Teichmann (IBM)


    Pre-Conference Pitch- 4:45pm by Nomadic Labs,



    Stream Research and Development: 5pm (CEST) 

    • 5:00pm Presentation Do you need a blockchain? Walking through a decision tree by Uwe Roth (LIST)

    • 5:20pm Presentation Blockchain ecosystem: Platforms, Consensus, Performance, and the way to work with them by Adnan Imeri (LIST)

    • 5:40pm Presentation Tezos, the self-amending blockchain: characteristics and use-cases by Alexia Martinel (Nomadic Labs)

    • 6:00pm Interactive session Which blockchain technology for which blockchain use case? moderated by Thierry Grandjean (LIST); Panelists: Djamel Khadraoui (LIST), Qiang Tang (LIST), Adrian Gonzalez-Sanchez (Peritus.ai)


    Side event - 3:30pm: Algorand - A Fistful of Tokens: The Next Generation of Value Exchange

    Side event- 6:30pm: Nomadic Labs on Clubhouse - Becoming a Tezos Baker


    Thursday 29th of April

    Stream Finance: 2pm (CEST) 

    • 2:00pm Opening speech by the Finance Minister, H.E. Mr Gramegna

    • 2:10pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab project: Evercity

    • 2:20pm Deep-dive session CBDC decrypted. Moderated by Biba Homsy (Homsy Legal); Panelists: Steven Becker (Maker Foundation), Scott Hendry (Bank of Canada), Jon Helgi Egilsson (Monerieum), Dr. Thomas Moser (Swiss National Bank), Pierre Thissen (Banque Centrale du Luxembourg),

    • 2:55pm Fireside chat To which extent Blockchain/DLT is the solution to facilitate access to financial services? Moderated by Nasir Zubairi (LHoFT); Panelists: Patrick Corker (Circle), Candace Kelly (Stellar Network), Elizabeth Rossiello (AZA), Joseph Seibert (Signature Bank)

    Pre-Conference Pitch- 1:45pm by Algorand, Barry Finkelstein


    Stream Public Sector: 5pm (CEST) 

    • 5:00pm Keynote The role of blockchain in the public sector by Nena Dokuzov (Ministry of Economic Development and Technology - Slovenia)

    • 5:10pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab project: NeoFacto

    • 5:20pm Fireside chat Public & private sector collaboration for a bright future: on trust and identity moderated by Alexia Martinel (Nomadic Labs); Panelists: Anne Cécile Davron (Popcorn), Alain Broustail (Sword Group), Daniel Du Seuil (Public / European Blockchain Partnership), Johanes Ebert (Gravity), Attila Vágvölgyi (IOP ), Wayne Chang (Spruce Systems)

    • 5:50pm Interactive session Use cases in the public sector. Moderator: Patrick Weber (Ministry of Digitalisation); Use cases: Nimit Sawhney (Voatz), Todd Miller (Chromaway)

    Side event - 3:45pm: Boston Blockchain Association - 4C's Payments

    Friday 30th of April

    Stream Digital Assets: 1:30pm (CEST)

    • 1:30pm Keynote Are there still opportunities for digital assets in Luxembourg? by Biba Homsy, (Homsy Legal and Lëtzblock)

    • 1:40pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab project: Climate Action Blockchain

    • 1:50pm Pitch Manetu

    • 1:55pm Transforming our world into digital assets. How will tokenization do it? Moderated by Jed Grant (Lëtzblock); Panelists: Daniel Coheur (Tokeny Solutions), Tobias Seidl (STOKR)

    • 2:25pm Fireside Chat A digital infrastructure for private, personal data: Address today's regulatory obligations and create tomorrow's opportunities. Moderated by Frédéric Vonner (PwC Luxembourg); Panelists: Paola Heudebert (Archipels), Jake Langenkamp (IdenX), Nathaniel Rand (Manetu)

    • 2:55pm Pitch Scorechain

    Pre-Conference Pitch- 1:15pm by PwC Luxembourg, Crypto-assets: tentative taxonomy and asset management perspectives, Thomas Campione


    Stream SDGs & Climate: 3:15pm (CEST)

    • 3:15pm Keynote by Simon Zadek

    • 3:25pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab project GreenEarthAgro

    • 3:35pm Interactive session Why does it matter to invest in Green Bonds? How can Blockchain foster this? Katherine A. Foster (Open Earth Foundation) in discussion with Carlo Houblie (Luxembourg Green Exchange)

    • 3:55pm Fireside Chat How Blockchain and climate can be compatible? What are the paths being followed by the technology to succeed in this quest to be greener? Moderated by Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr (Cointelegraph); Panelists: Alex de Vries (Digiconomist), Sean Murphy (ImpactScope), Joseph Pallant (Blockchain for Climate), Gene Hoffman (Chia Network)

  • Keynote Speakers

    • Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg

    • Pierre Gramegna, Minister of Finance (Luxembourg)

    • Arthur Breitman, Early Architect, Tezos

    • Alex Cahana, AdaLabs Africa, UN/CEFACT Expert on Blockchain and Healthcare

    • Nena Dokuzov, Head of Project group for New Economy and Blockchain Technology, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (Slovenia)

    • Katherine A. Foster, Climate Finance and Strategy Director, Open Earth Foundation

    • Gene Hoffman, Director, COO & President, Chia Network

    • Candace Kelly, General Counsel, Stellar Development Foundation

    • Silvio Micali, Founder, Algorand

    • Thomas Moser, Alternate Member of the Governing Board, Swiss National Bank

    • Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO & Founder, AZA

    • Pierre Thissen, Head of Market Infrastructures and Payments Systems Policy, Banque Centrale du Luxembourg

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