26 - 30 APRIL 2021


    European Investment Bank (EIB) issues its first ever digital bond on a
    public blockchain

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  • Program

    A main chain of program and a multiplicity of side events!

    Monday 26th of April

    Inauguration: 4pm (CEST) 

    • 4:00pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab Welcome Speech by Emilie Allaert, Project Lead, Luxembourg Blockchain Lab and Tom Kettels, Co-Project Lead, Luxembourg Blockchain Lab

    • 4:15pm Ministerial Keynote by the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel

    • 4:20pm Boston Blockchain Association Keynote by Silvio Micali (Algorand)

    • 4:40pm Keynote by Arthur Breitman, Early Architect (Tezos)

    • 4:55pm Debate "Is Blockchain the way to go?", discussion led by Nicolas Mackel, Luxembourg for Finance, between Michael Jackson, Strategic Advisor and Lucas Fernandez, Head of Innovation, CHAMP Cargosystems













    Side Event - 6.30pm : Lëtzblock - Let's discuss the value of Bitcoin and NFTs

    Tuesday 27th of April

    Stream Supply Chain & Logistics: 2pm (CEST) 

    • 2:00pm Keynote Blockchains in supply chains: from idea to reality by Benny Mantin, Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL) - Uni.lu

    • 2:10pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab project: Filedgr

    • 2:20pm Interactive session Increasing trust in supply chains with Blockchain Moderated by Carolina Moulin; Panelists: Ziga Drev (OriginTrail), Drew Persson (BeefChain), Douglas Johnson‑Poensgen (Circulor)

    • 2:50pm Fireside chat What does it take for Blockchain to go large-scale in logistics? Moderated by Carla Rosen-Vacher (LCL); Panelists: Dr Inma Borrella (MIT), Mark Henkel (ZUFALL logistics group)

    Stream Health: 5pm (CEST) 

    • 5:00pm Keynote by Frank Ricotta, Burst IQ

    • 5:10pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab project: Medlogistics

    • 5:20pm Learning session How compatible are blockchain and health records? Moderated by Carole Brückler (Ministry of Economy Luxembourg) Panelists: Abdullah Albeyatti, (MedicalChain and MyClinic), Michèle Finck (Max Planck Institute and LUISS University), Quy Vo-Reinhard (HIT Foundation)

    • 5:50pm Pitch MedicalChain

    • 5:55pm Fireside Chat Could Blockchain be part of the solution for the return to normal in the time of COVID19? Moderated by Anca Petre (23 Consulting); Panelists: Alex Cahana (Adalabs), Frank Ricotta (BurstIQ)


    Side Event - 9:30am (FR)/ 10:30am (UK): The Blockchain Academy® - BLOCKCHAIN INTRO IN 1 SLIDE

    Wednesday 28th of April

    Stream Technology: 2pm (CEST) 

    • 2:00pm Keynote Separating Value from Hype by Alexander Rieger (SnT - Uni.lu)

    • 2:10pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab project: Compellio

    • 2:20pm ​Pitch Algorand

    • 2:25pm Interactive session Technology vs Regulation; Panelists: Jean-Louis Schiltz (Schiltz&Schiltz), Radu State (SnT-Uni.lu), Alexander Tkachenko (VNX)

    • 2:55pm Large scale Blockchain projects and how they differ from PoCs by IBM. Panelists: Eugen Luft (IBM), Frank Teichmann (IBM)


    Pre-Conference Pitch- 4:45pm by Nomadic Labs,



    Stream Research and Development: 5pm (CEST) 

    • 5:00pm Presentation Do you need a blockchain? Walking through a decision tree by Uwe Roth (LIST)

    • 5:20pm Presentation Blockchain ecosystem: Platforms, Consensus, Performance, and the way to work with them by Adnan Imeri (LIST)

    • 5:40pm Presentation Tezos, the self-amending blockchain: characteristics and use-cases by Alexia Martinel (Nomadic Labs)

    • 6:00pm Interactive session Which blockchain technology for which blockchain use case? moderated by Thierry Grandjean (LIST); Panelists: Djamel Khadraoui (LIST), Qiang Tang (LIST), Adrian Gonzalez-Sanchez (Peritus.ai)


    Side event - 3:30pm: Algorand - A Fistful of Tokens: The Next Generation of Value Exchange

    Side event- 6:30pm: Nomadic Labs on Clubhouse - Becoming a Tezos Baker


    Thursday 29th of April

    Stream Finance: 2pm (CEST) 

    • 2:00pm Opening speech by the Finance Minister, H.E. Mr Gramegna

    • 2:10pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab project: Evercity

    • 2:20pm Deep-dive session CBDC decrypted. Moderated by Biba Homsy (Homsy Legal); Panelists: Steven Becker (Maker Foundation), Scott Hendry (Bank of Canada), Jon Helgi Egilsson (Monerieum), Dr. Thomas Moser (Swiss National Bank), Pierre Thissen (Banque Centrale du Luxembourg),

    • 2:55pm Fireside chat To which extent Blockchain/DLT is the solution to facilitate access to financial services? Moderated by Nasir Zubairi (LHoFT); Panelists: Patrick Corker (Circle), Candace Kelly (Stellar Network), Elizabeth Rossiello (AZA), Joseph Seibert (Signature Bank)

    Pre-Conference Pitch- 1:45pm by Algorand, Barry Finkelstein


    Stream Public Sector: 5pm (CEST) 

    • 5:00pm Keynote The role of blockchain in the public sector by Nena Dokuzov (Ministry of Economic Development and Technology - Slovenia)

    • 5:10pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab project: NeoFacto

    • 5:20pm Fireside chat Public & private sector collaboration for a bright future: on trust and identity moderated by Alexia Martinel (Nomadic Labs); Panelists: Anne Cécile Davron (Popcorn), Alain Broustail (Sword Group), Daniel Du Seuil (Public / European Blockchain Partnership), Johanes Ebert (Gravity), Attila Vágvölgyi (IOP ), Wayne Chang (Spruce Systems)

    • 5:50pm Interactive session Use cases in the public sector. Moderator: Patrick Weber (Ministry of Digitalisation); Use cases: Nimit Sawhney (Voatz), Todd Miller (Chromaway)

    Side event - 3:45pm: Boston Blockchain Association - 4C's Payments

    Friday 30th of April

    Stream Digital Assets: 1:30pm (CEST)

    • 1:30pm Keynote Are there still opportunities for digital assets in Luxembourg? by Biba Homsy, (Homsy Legal and Lëtzblock)

    • 1:40pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab project: Climate Action Blockchain

    • 1:50pm Pitch Manetu

    • 1:55pm Transforming our world into digital assets. How will tokenization do it? Moderated by Jed Grant (Lëtzblock); Panelists: Daniel Coheur (Tokeny Solutions), Tobias Seidl (STOKR)

    • 2:25pm Fireside Chat A digital infrastructure for private, personal data: Address today's regulatory obligations and create tomorrow's opportunities. Moderated by Frédéric Vonner (PwC Luxembourg); Panelists: Paola Heudebert (Archipels), Jake Langenkamp (IdenX), Nathaniel Rand (Manetu)

    • 2:55pm Pitch Scorechain

    Pre-Conference Pitch- 1:15pm by PwC Luxembourg, Crypto-assets: tentative taxonomy and asset management perspectives, Thomas Campione


    Stream SDGs & Climate: 3:15pm (CEST)

    • 3:15pm Keynote by Simon Zadek

    • 3:25pm Luxembourg Blockchain Lab project GreenEarthAgro

    • 3:35pm Interactive session Why does it matter to invest in Green Bonds? How can Blockchain foster this? Katherine A. Foster (Open Earth Foundation) in discussion with Carlo Houblie (Luxembourg Green Exchange)

    • 3:55pm Fireside Chat How Blockchain and climate can be compatible? What are the paths being followed by the technology to succeed in this quest to be greener? Moderated by Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr (Cointelegraph); Panelists: Alex de Vries (Digiconomist), Sean Murphy (ImpactScope), Joseph Pallant (Blockchain for Climate), Gene Hoffman (Chia Network)

  • Main Event Speakers

    We are bringing you the experts to discuss Blockchain Technology

    They keep joining so stay tuned as this is being updated on a regular basis.

    Xavier Bettel

    Prime Minister of Luxembourg


    Pierre Gramegna

    Minister of Finance



    Dr Abdullah Albeyatti

    Co-Founder & CEO Medicalchain & MyClinic


    Denis Avrilionis. PhD

    Founder & CEO



    Rushank Bardolia

    Managing Director

    GreenEarth Agro

    SDGs & Climate

    Steven Becker

    President & COO

    Maker Foundation


    Dr. Inma Borrella

    Research Scientist

    MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics

    Supply chain & logistics

    Arthur Breitman

    Early Architect



    Alain Broustail

    CEO - Blockchain EZ

    Head of Blockchain Activities - Sword France

    Public Sector

    Alex Cahana

    Board member

    AdaLabs Africa

    UN/CEFACT Expert on Blockchain and Healthcare


    Thomas Campione


    Blockchain & Crypto-assets Leader

    PwC Luxembourg

    Digital Assets

    Nino Chaganava



    Supply chain & logistics

    Daniel Coheur

    Co-founder & CCO

    Tokeny Solutions

    Digital Assets

    Patrick Corker

    Vice President Finance, Treasurer and Head of Corporate Development



    Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr

    Managing Editor


    SDGs & Climate

    Anne-Cédile Davron

    CEO & Co-founder

    Davron Digital

    Public Sector

    Alex de Vries



    SDGs & Climate

    Nena Dokuzov

    Head of Project group for New Economy and Blockchain


    Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (Slovenia)

    Public Sector

    Ziga Drev

    Founder & Managing Director

    Trace Labs (OriginTrail)

    Supply chain & logistics

    Daniël Du Seuil

    Convenor of the European Self Sovereign Identity Framework

    European Blockchain Partnership

    Public Sector

    Johannes Ebert

    CEO & Co-founder


    Public Sector

    Jón Helgi Egilsson

    Co-Founder & Chair



    Lucas Fernandez

    Head of Innovation

    CHAMP Cargosystems


    Michèle Finck

    Senior Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition
    Visiting Professor, LUISS University


    Katherine A. Foster

    Climate Finance and Strategy Director

    Open Earth Foundation

    SDGs & Climate

    Adrian Gonzalez-Sanchez

    Head of AI Customer Success



    Thierry Grandjean

    Research Engineeer



    Jed Grant

    Board Member, LëtzBlock



    Digital Assets

    Scott Hendry

    Senior Special Director of Financial Technology in the Banking and Payments Department

    Bank of Canada


    Mark Henkel

    MD Zukonft

    Supply chain & logistics

    Paola Heudebert

    Legal Operations Officer


    Digital Assets

    Frédéric Hubin

    Blockchain Integration Expert


    Public Sector

    Gene Hoffman

    Director, COO & President

    Chia Network

    SDGs & Climate

    Biba Homsy

    Attorney at Law

    Homsy Legal

    Finance/Digital Assets

    Carlo Houblie

    Commercial Director

    Luxembourg Stock Exchange

    SDGs & Climate

    Adnan Imeri




    Michael Jackson

    Strategic Advisor


    Douglas Johnson-Poensgen

    Co-founder & CEO


    Supply chain & logistics

    Candace Kelly

    General Counsel

    Stellar Development Foundation


    Djamel Khadraoui

    Head of Trusted Service System Research Unit



    Jake Langenkamp

    Managing Director


    Digital Assets

    Jean Lasar

    Project Lead


    Digital Assets

    Eugen Luft

    Enterprise Architect and Solution Design Lead

    IBM Cognitive Process-Reengineering Practice


    Nicolas Mackel


    Luxembourg for Finance


    Benny Mantin


    Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL) - Uni.lu

    Supply chain & logistics

    Alexia Martinel

    Strategy & Adoption (BeLux)

    Nomadic Labs

    Public Sector

    Silvio Micali




    Todd Miller

    VP, US Business Development and Partnerships


    Public Sector

    Carolina Moulin

    Ph.D. visiting researcher

    Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL) - Uni.lu

    Supply chain & logistics

    Thomas Moser

    Alternate Member of the Governing Board

    Swiss National Bank


    Sean Murphy



    SDGs & Climate

    Joseph Pallant

    Founder & Executive Director

    Blockchain for Climate

    SDGs & Climate

    Drew Persson




    Anca Petre

    Health tech influencer & Founder

    23 Consulting


    Nathaniel Rand

    Director of Business Development

    Manetu, Inc

    Digital Assets

    Armin Ranjbaryan


    Gravity Partners


    Frank Ricotta




    Alexander Rieger

    Research and development specialist

    SnT - Uni.lu


    Carla Rosen Vacher

    Outreach Communication Officer

    Luxembourg Centre of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL) - Uni.lu

    Supply chain & logistics

    Elizabeth Rossiello

    CEO & Founder



    Tamara Roth

    Researcher FINATRAX Research Group

    SnT - Uni.lu


    Uwe Roth

    Senior Researcher



    Nimit Sawhney

    Co-founder & CEO


    Public Sector

    Jean-Louis Schiltz

    Senior Partner

    Schiltz & Schiltz S.A.


    Joseph Seibert

    Managing Group Director, Senior Vice President of Digital Asset Banking

    Signature Bank


    Tobias Seidl

    Co-founder, Product Strategy & Regulatory Lead


    Digital Assets

    Alexey Shadrin




    Radu State

    Head of the research group SEDAN

    SnT - Uni.lu


    Qiang Tang

    Senior Researcher



    Frank Teichmann

    Senior business & Strategy consultant



    Pierre Thissen

    Head of Market Infrastructures and Payments Systems Policy

    Banque Centrale du Luxembourg


    Alexander Tkachenko

    Founder and CEO



    Attila Vágvölgyi

    Technical Lead


    Public Sector

    Dr Quy Vo-Reinhard

    Chief Data Officer and Co-Founder

    HIT Foundation


    Frédéric Vonner

    Privacy Leader, Partner,

    PwC Luxembourg

    Digital Assets

    Patrick Weber


    Ministry for Digitalisation

    Public Sector

    Evgeniya Weibel-Zimmer

    Business Manager


    Public Sector

    Linda Weigl

    Researcher FINATRAX Research Group

    SnT - Uni.lu


    Simon Zadek


    Finance for Biodiversity (F4B)

    SDGs & Climate

    Nasir Zubairi


    The LHoFT Foundation


  • Side Event Speakers

    All side events are organised and coordinated by the sponsors of the Luxembourg Blockchain Week.

    Elio Barbera

    Managing Director

    Caffè​ Barbera 1870

    Boston Blockchain Association Side Event

    Thibault Chessé

    Blockchain Adoption & Strategy

    Nomadic Labs

    Nomadic Labs Side Event

    Barry Finkelstein

    Head Of Business Development N. America


    Algorand Pre-Conference

    Theo Goodman

    NFT expert

    Lëtzblock Side Event

    Pietro Grassano

    Business Solutions Director Europe


    Algorand Side Event

    Max Hillebrand

    Free Software Entrepreneur


    Lëtzblock Side Event

    Henri Lieutaud

    Blockchain Lead Dev


    Nomadic Labs Side Event

    Michel Mauny


    Nomadic Labs

    Nomadic Labs Pre-Conference

    Claudio Parrinello



    Boston Blockchain Association Side Event

    Vivien Sayve

    Chief Revenue Officer


    Nomadic Labs Side Event

    Wim Stalmans

    Founding Partner & Managing Director

    The Blockchain Academy® 

    The Blockchain Academy®

    Side Event

    Sveinn Valfells

    Co-founder & CEO


    Boston Blockchain Association Side Event

    Mike Wise

    Chair of the Boston Blockchain Association Managing Consultant for Bleumi, Inc.,

    Boston Blockchain Association Side Event

  • Why Blockchain matters?


    Expected boost in GDP for Luxembourg by 2030

    (Source: PwC)


    Net creation of jobs in Luxembourg by 2030 (expected)

    (Source: PwC)

    US$ 1.76 trillion

    Total impact on global GDP expected by 2030

    (Source: PwC)
  • Nomadic Labs, a technical excellence company to support the development of the Tezos ecosystem


    Blockchain Technology holds the promise of a decentralised, reliable, and unmediated economy. Limiting its potential to securing virtual currency exchanges would be too simplistic. With this in mind, Nomadic Labs aims at anchoring the Tezos technology within the French, Belgian and Luxembourgian economies. Tezos is a public decentralized blockchain with european roots. Nomadic Labs, a French R&D company, is one of the largest contributors to the Tezos protocol. Oana Ladret Piciorus, Managing Director at Nomadic Labs, shares her vision of the Blockchain and its unsuspected perspectives.


    How would you define Tezos? What are the values that characterize this blockchain?


    Tezos is smart money, redefining what it means to hold and exchange value in a digitally connected world. A self-upgradable blockchain with a proven track record, Tezos seamlessly adopts tomorrow's innovations without network disruptions today. The characteristics that best define the Tezos protocol are:


    - Reliability

    Tezos offers a new level of security thanks to the use of formal verification. It uses, amongst others, the OCaml programming language, which allows for the formal verification of tools and smart contracts and thus greatly reduces the risks of bugs.


    - Evolutivity

    Tezos is the world’s first self-amending blockchain: all stakeholders may participate in network upgrades by evaluating, proposing, or approving amendments.


    - Eco-responsibility

    Thanks to a protocol based on Proof of Stake, the Tezos blockchain is less energy-intensive than previous generations of blockchain, an essential feature in the age of energy transition.


    How does Nomadic Labs contribute to the development of Tezos? What is your mission?


    As a member of the Tezos ecosystem, we collaborate daily with academic institutions and R&D labs located around the world, participating in the ecosystem and contributing to the development and evolution of the Tezos protocol. In concrete terms, we work on promoting the adoption of Tezos to "end users" and providing them with technical support.


    What is recent news of Nomadic Labs and its Adoption Department?


    Since last summer, we have been working within the consortium led by Société Générale to conduct experiments on a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

    In addition, and thanks to our technical support, we are pleased to see institutional players join the active governance of the Tezos chain. Indeed, over the last five months, we have seen EDF, via its subsidiary Exaion, Sword France, SmartNode, The Blockchain Group, Wakam and Ubisoft, become "corporate bakers'' on the Tezos blockchain. More recently, the Lugh Company, with the support of Nomadic Labs,  has announced the creation of the first French digital asset pegged to the Euro. The deployment of this digital asset, issued on Tezos, allows users to make instant transactions, hedge against the unpredictability of volatile cryptocurrencies and reduce transaction costs.


    Last but not least, we have recently joined Infrachain, a Luxembourg based non-profit organization for operational blockchain projects with the will of actively participating in the development of the blockchain technology in Luxembourg and, of course, of facilitating and driving the use of the Tezos blockchain, an ideal long-term solution for high-value applications.


    PwC Luxembourg: Crypto-asset management – In retrospect, it was inevitable (as well)

    Crypto has come out of the woods, it’s here to stay. In this article, Thomas Campione, Director, Blockchain & Crypto Leader, PwC Luxembourg, explains why the time for crypto-assets management has arrived. With crypto-assets increasingly considered a full-fledged asset class, CryptoAM products are easing accessibility and improving transactional efficiency while product sophistication adds an attractive layer of diversification with investors guided by growing valuable professional support.



    For many years, the world of crypto-assets has essentially been a retail space where individuals invested on their own, bearing the costs of information asymmetry and transaction fees of (un)regulated exchanges, while managing the burden of self-custody using cold storage for the more advanced.


    That time has gone.


    With a crypto-assets market cap of $2Tn (at time of writing), an institutional tsunami where most of the biggest financial institutions have now made their crypto plans quite clear and a historical branding issue which is increasingly less of an issue, a new audience with new needs has entered the scene and the retail approach is not an option for them.


    Whether it is through the multiplication of investment structures, the development of institutional grade crypto-asset servicing solutions or blockchain-based market infrastructures, CryptoAM is coming and is poised for significant growth.


    Beyond the many recent market developments, the natural question is, why even think about CryptoAM? The short answer may leave some sceptical, so let’s elaborate:

    1. Crypto-assets as an asset class

    Over the years we slowly but certainly moved from a situation where crypto-assets were considered as thin air – even Ponzi for some – to a situation where they are more and more considered a full-fledged asset class – displaying high returns combined with high volatility, and more interestingly a quite low correlation with other asset classes, which rationalises their role from a portfolio management perspective.


    In addition, there is a widely accepted argument that some crypto-assets provide inflation hedge, a powerful feature in these times of exceptional loss due to monetary policy across the globe.

    1. Accessibility and efficiency

    For the average investor, crypto-assets can be quite difficult to grasp, if not completely esoteric. Furthermore, the way one can gain access adds even more complexity at first sight. The multiple trading places available and their onboarding processes, concepts such as wallets and private keys management or irreversibility of transactions do not make crypto-asset investments super intuitive. This naturally creates barriers to entry. In that context, CryptoAM products are key to easing accessibility by removing some, or all, of this inherent complexity.


    Closely linked with accessibility is the way crypto-assets investment products are brought to investors. In the short term we will see crypto-funds shares available in their traditional shape, complemented by a tokenised version of these shares. The latter is a first step forward, an intermediary phase that provides a good avenue for experimenting and getting comfortable with the technology and the new concepts involved. Looking beyond, and for the industry to reap the full benefits of the underlying blockchain technology, native security tokens will be issued, held and transferred over a blockchain-based infrastructure.


    This, combined with stablecoins or CBDC, shall significantly improve the performance of delivery vs payment, allow for a fully automated update of the shareholders register and underlying corporate actions, remove the need for reconciliation, and significantly enhance reporting accuracy and efficiency through automated data feed from onchain transactions. Efficiency will be greatly improved accordingly.

    1. Product sophistication and professional advice

    Whereas the average retail investor will go long on a given scope of crypto-assets, institutional investors vary greatly in terms of profile and investment objectives. They will seek active and passive investment vehicles, exposure to a basket of crypto-assets to meet diversification criteria, crypto-asset derivatives for risk management considerations and other more complex products. This explains the growing demand for diversity and therefore for crypto-assets based investment products.


    In addition, while the crypto-asset landscape has been, and is still, dominated by ten assets or so, thousands of them are available for investment amongst numerous subsets presenting specific features and investment rationale. Accordingly, professional support has become quite valuable and in demand from an investment policy and more general investment advice standpoint.



    Crypto-assets come with many specific features and an undeniable complexity but they open up a new world of opportunities for asset managers and investors (institutional or not). This asset class is expected to have a structural impact on traditional AM as product offering and market infrastructures develop. A critical space to watch in 2021 and beyond!



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