Luxembourg Blockchain Week

Luxembourg Blockchain Emilie Allaert

Emilie Allaert

Head of The Luxembourg Blockchain Lab

Rushank Bardolia

Founding Partner at Green Earth Agro

Julie Bourgeois

Head of Legal and Compliance, 6 Monks (6M)

Tommaso Cervellati

Chapter Executive for Luxembourg CAIA Association

Sascha Grumbach

Founder and CEO of Green Mining DAO

Christopher Jack

Cambridge Digital Assets Programme Manager

Will Dudenhausen

Director of Training at Dispute Settlement Center

André Rendeiro

Executive Board Member, Bison Bank

Jaguar A. Gal

CEO – JAGuar AI Reg&Comp. JAGuar Lawyers

Adnan Imeri

R&T Associate at LIST

Vincent Katchavenda

Co-founder & COO - erable°

Ankit Arora

Senior Researcher at LIST

Biba Homsy

Regulatory & Crypto Lawyer

Alberto López

Deputy Director of the Innovation Lab Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda

Sunny Jiang

Founder - MaasDAO

Jonathan Rackoff

Global Policy at The HBAR Foundation Sustainable Impact Fund

Alexandre Minetti

Senior Manager Tax Compliance

Alexander Neumüller

Lead of the Climate Aspects workstream of the Cambridge Digital Assets Programme

Aurélia Viémont

Partner at CMS Luxembourg

Nestor Verrier

General Manager at Swissquote Bank Europe SA

Vincenzo Sita

CEO - Sita Software

Brice Lecoustey

EY Luxembourg Consulting Partner and Asset Servicing Leader

Federico Ast

Founder & CEO Kleros

Camille Bossel

Co-Founder, Executive Director KAPITAL

Ehlers John

Chief Operating Officer at Bitstamp

Jan Brzezek

CEO & Founder of Crypto Finance Group

Daniel Coheur

Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Tokeny

Luc Falempin

CEO – Tokeny

Pierre Gérard

CEO – Scorechain

Niamkey Habib Kouamé

Founder of Servichain

Laurence Stijns-Collignon

Blockchain, Crypto & Digital Currencies (BCDC) - Global Finance Lead on Product Roadmap execution - PayPal

Karima Lachgar

Partner at Osborne Clarke

Nura Linggih

CEO and Co-Founder of Pleno

Pierre Marro

Administrator for Communication Networks, Content and Technology DG Connect (European Commission)

Laurent Marochini

Head of Innovation SGSS Luxembourg

Roberto Petrarulo

VP, Sales & Business Development

Ala Presenti

Co-Founder, Head of Finance and ESG Lead at Moniflo At Moniflo

Wim Stalmans

Wim founded The Blockchain Academy

Yael Luxembourg Blockchain

Yael Rozencwajg

Founder at Nevelab Technologies

Roman Proskalovich

Project Lead | Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

Artem Sinyakin

Co-fondateur de Oak Invest & et Wasabee Consulting

Louis Chevalier

Adoption Manager Benelux at Nomadic Labs

Djamel Khadraoui

Head of READY Unit at LIST

Raphael Scheuren

Founding Team bei BlocHome

Abhimanyu Singh

Head of Product & Operations at Green Earth Agro

Monique Bachner

Non-Executive Director, Board Advisor

Dr. Sebastian Banescu

CEO, Chainproof Country Managing Director (Germany), Quantstamp

Paolo Brignardello

Chief Commercial Officer at FundsDLT S.A.

Yevheniia Broshevan

Co-Founder & CBDO Hacken

Jean Diederich

Partner at FINEGAN

Vincent De Smedt

Managing Director

Guénolé de Cadoudal

Head of Digital Assets Group at Crédit Agricole CIB

Blockchain Luxembourg

Hanna Fiegenbaum

Research & Development

Yannis Georgandelis

Chief Investment Officer, Block Asset Management

Josselin Hebert

Senior Digital Innovation Officer at ESM

Jonathan Soreille

Associate Partner At Opportunity Financial Services SA

Alexandra Hoess

Doctoral Researcher - SnT

Antoni Ken Iannillo

Research Scientist Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability, and Trust (SnT), University of Luxembourg

Dr Serge Linckels

Managing director of the Digital Learning Hub and 42Luxembourg

Cédric Mauny

President CLUSIL

Marco van Maris

Head of Digital at POST Luxembourg

Philippe Noeltner

Senior Associate

Martin Watkins

Chartered FCSI(Hons), FIoD, FBCS Chief Executive Officer, Montis Group

Alex Panican

Deputy CEO @ The LHoFT

Maria Tapia

Communication Manager, Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Initiative

Benny Mantin

Director Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL)

Jean Lasar

Founder of Survcoin

Crash courses - (Digital learning hub, esch-belval)

Monday, October 9

13:00 ¦ Opening words Emilie Allaert, Luxembourg Blockchain Lab

13:15 ¦ Inspirational speech Serge Linckels, DLH

13:30 ¦ Blockchain Wim Stalmans, The Blockchain Academy

14:00 ¦ Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Adnan Imeri, LIST

14:30 ¦ Regenerative Finance Vincent Katchavenda, Erable

15:00 ¦ DeFi Andy Bryant, Vektor

15:30 ¦ Tokenisation Thierry Grandjean, LIST

16:00 ¦ Bear Market: lessons learned and the path forward Artem Sinyakin, Oak Invest & Wasabee Consulting 

Luxembourg Blockchain Lab Day - (D'COQUE, LUXEMBOURG)

Tuesday, October 10

9:45 ¦ Bitcoin: The driving force behind the SDGs – Keynote by Sascha Grumbach, Green Mining DAO

10:00 ¦ Education – In discussion with Niamkey Kouamé, Servichain

10:15 ¦ Climate – In discussion with Alexander Neumüller Lead Climate Aspects Cambridge Digital Assets Programme (CDAP) and Adnan Imeri, LIST

10:30 ¦ How can DLT help with impact investing? Panel moderated by Maria Tapia, LSFI with Vincent Katchavenda, Erable; Ala Presenti, Moniflo; Monique Bachner, Bachner Legal

10:20 ¦ Fireside chat with Hedera – A balance sheet for the Planet by Laurence Stijns-Collignon, Paypal and Jonathan Rackoff, The HBAR Foundation

11:35 ¦ Credits market: biodiversity, carbon; is DLT an enabler towards sustainability goals?  Panel moderated by Vanessa Müller, EY Luxembourg with Nura Linggih, Pleno; Sascha Grumbach, Green Mining DAO; Hanna Fiegenbaum, Research & Development, Jonathan Rackoff, The HBAR Foundation 

12:10– 13:15  ¦  LUNCH BREAK 

13:15 ¦ POST Philately entering a new dimension by Marco Van Maris, POST Luxembourg

13:30 ¦ Challenges and Opportunities: Blockchain’s Journey in Sustainable Supply Chains by LIST

¦ Blockchain Applications for Sustainable Finance 

14:30 ¦ Innovation Pitches by

Vincent De Smedt – Terya, Camille Bossel –  Kapital, Rushank Bardolia & Abhimanyu Singh – Green Earth Agro, Raphael Scheuren – Blochome

15:10 ¦ Blockchain Applications for Sustainable Finance Panel moderated by Alex Panican with Ankit Arora, LIST; Camille Bossell, HACK Capital; Guénolé de Cadoudal, CACIB

15:55 – 16:15  ¦ COFFEE BREAK 

16:15  ¦ Powering new business model with Blockchain pitches by: Terya, Blochome, Cent Finance,

18:00 ¦ LëtzStake After-Work & After Party Brought to you by ACIAleph.imMassa, and Tezos / Nomadic Labs, the afterparty is free, but due to limited capacity, registration is subject to approval


Infrachain Summit Day - (d'Coque, luxembourg)
Leading the Change: How the EU Drives Global Blockchain Adoption

10:00 | Registration

10:30 | Welcome words by Fabrice Croiseaux, Chairman of the Board, Infrachain a.s.b.l.

10:35 | ReimaginingEurope’s Digital Future: The Power of EBSI and Verified Identity by Christophe Maertens, Belgium, FPS BOSA & Blockchain4Belgium

10:55 | “The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure – EBSI” by Pierre Marro, Administrator for Communication Networks, Content and Technology, DG Connect (European Commission)

11:10 | “Turning Vision into Reality: The Role of EBSI-VECTOR and EBSI-NE in Advancing the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure” by Alla Aboudaka (VECTOR Project)

11:25 | “BlockStand” by Ricardo Simoes, Executive Director (INATBA)

11:40 | “EBSI, Blockchain and National Policies” by Alberto López, Deputy Director of the Innovation Lab, INCM – Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda (Portugal), Piotr Rutkowski, Expert for blockchain and the development of digital technologies, Ministry of Digital Affairs (Poland), Patrick Weber, Project Manager, Ministry for Digitalisation (Luxembourg)

12:00 | Panel discussion With Alla Aboudaka, Alberto López, Christophe MAertens, Pierre Marro, Piotr Rutkowski, Ricardo Simoes, Patrick Weber, Moderated by Alexandra Höß, Doctoral Researcher, SnT

Lunch break – 12:30 pm – 14:00 
Securing Business With Blockchain: Cybersecurity, Privacy and Compliance

14:00 | Afternoon opening

14:35 | “Understanding Basic Attacks on Ethereum Blockchains” by Antonio Ken Iannillo, Research Scientist, SnT

14:50 | “Reaching A New Frontier In Smart Contract Security And Insurance” by Dr. Peter Bärnreuther, Chief Underwriting Officer, Chainproof

15:05 | Use case Regulatory IT challenges related to Blockchain by Luc Maquil, Managing Partner, Maqit

15:20 | Panel discussion “How to anticipate and address cybersecurity risks and compliance requirementsto preserve and develop trust in blockchain capabilities for 2024 and beyond?” With Yevheniia Broshevan, Co-founder & CBDO, Hacken, Dr. Peter Bärnreuther, Yevheniia Broshevan, Antonio Ken, Moderated by Cédric Mauny, President, CLUSIL

Coffee break 16:00 – 16:20
Redefining Power: the Present and Future of Decentralized Governance

16:20 | DAOs– Is Decentralized Governance, a Decentralization of Power? by Jaguar A. Gal, Adv. CPA, CEO, JAGuar AI Reg&Comp. & JAGuar Lawyers

16:35 | “Creating a DAO: Centralisation Issues” by Wim Stalmans, Decentralisation Officer, TBA DAO

16:50 | Use case: Alpha Persei, by Harry Ghillemyn

17:05 | “Kleros and the Birth of Decentralized Justice” by Federico Ast, President, Kleros

17:20 | Panel discussion With Jaguar A. Gal, Adv. CPA, Federico Ast, Harry Ghillemyn, Wim Stalmans, Moderated by Sunny Jiang, Founder, MaasDAO

Networking cocktail sponsored by Net Service 18:00 – 19:00
Finance & Investments Day (D'COQUE, LUXEMBOURG)

Thursday, October 12

8:45  ¦ Is the regulatory framework finally aligned with the needs of the crypto market players? by CMS Panel discussion with Martin Watkins, Montis ; Jack Ehlers, Bitstamp; André Rendeiro, Bison Bank; Aurélia Viémont, CMS

¦ DeFi

10:15 ¦ Welcome and introduction by Ananda Kautz, Head of Innovation, Digital Banking & Payments, Member of the Management Board – ABBL

10:25 ¦ Decentralised Finance: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities by Prof. Dr. Dirk Andreas Zetzsche, Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance – University of Luxembourg

11:05 ¦ Is decentralised finance a game changer for traditional financial institutions? Panel discussion moderated by Thomas Campione, CFA. Advisory Director, Blockchain & crypto-assets Leader – PwC Luxembourg, Sara Berujon, Head of Payments Luxembourg – J.P.Morgan SE, Luxembourg Branch, Christophe Medinger, Deputy Head of Business Unit Digitalisation, Spuerkeess; Christian Dohmen, General Counsel, Luxembourg Stock Exchange;  Prof. Dr. Gilbert FRIDGEN, Professor and PayPal-FNR PEARL Chair in Digital Financial Services, SnT – University of Luxembourg

11:45 – 13:00  ¦  Networking Lunch


¦ The future of Finance

13:00 ¦ Keynote by Nestor Verrier, Swissquote

13:15 ¦ Custody, regulations and new financial assets: is the impossible finally made possible? A panel moderated by Chris Hollifield, LFF with Marina Baudéan, 21Shares; Nestor Verrier, Swissquote; Jan Brzezek, Crypto Finance AG; Pierre Gérard from Scorechain

14:00 ¦ The Digital Money Dashboard: A one-stop-shop for everything digital money Presentation of the CDAP by Christopher Jack and Keynote by Roman Proskalovich

14:25 ¦ Interoperability Jean Diederich, Finegan in discussion with Roberto Petrarulo, Clearstream

14:40 ¦ Blockchain as a new generation a discussion led by Emilie Allaert, Luxembourg Blockchain Lab with Paolo Brignardello, FundsDLT

 ¦ Tokenisation

15:00 ¦ RWA Tokenization Explained Keynote by Luc Falempin 

15:15 ¦ Fireside chat With Luc Falempin, Tokeny & Kevin Demeyer, Deloitte 

15:30 ¦ A practical use case 

16:00 ¦ An innovative outlook on Tokenization Panel discussion by Daniel Coheur, Tokeny; Philippe Noeltner, A&O; Veronica Martinez Sotillo, Quintet Private Bank ; Xavier Rouayroux, Olkypay


17:30 ¦ Panel discussion with Karima Lachgar, Regulation crypto expert, Laurent Marochini, Head of Innovation SGSS Luxembourg, David Durouchoux, Deputy CEO of SG FORGE, Josselin Hebert Senior Digital Innovation Officer at ESM, Alexandre Briand, Economist, Project Manager, Market Infrastructures and Payment Systems at Banque centrale du Luxembourg

18:30 ¦ Networking Cocktail

20:00 ¦  VIP Dinner at El Barrio

Official Satellite Events (House Of Startups , LUXEMBOURG)

Friday, October 13

AI & Blockchain, The Perfect Couple ?

With Yael Rozencwajg Founder at Nevelab Technologies, Panel with: Laurent Marochini, Yael Rozencwajg, Emilia Tantar & Petra Krizan.

Pitchies by: Yves Elomo Technical Managing Director Divizend ; Niamkey Kouamé - Servichan Founder;

Lëtzblock Side event

12:00 14:00 - Landscape of Digital Assets in Investment Funds

Opportunity Financial Services Workshop (upon registration)

15:00 - 16:00 - ( Nearly ! ) All you wanted to know about tax, accounting and set-up of a digital company in Luxembourg!

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